Moving on Fate

As Ogden now knew, swung, knocking the remnants of his sword from his hand. Then came the second blow, which sent him flying across the command center. The world around him blurred as he went airborne and then went black.

Alexander was standing there shocked by what was happening watching people fight the new commer. “Cobra Commander” who is that he asks himself. He had stayed back watching as things went sideways and the fighting was intense. Alex had some combat training but not much experience. As Ogden flew through the air Alex decide to take action. “Time step” the words echoed in the command room as he vanished from sight. Everything seems to stop moving. He had made it into the Space-time continuum. Things in the room were moving crawling as if time had stopped. Moving over to Ogden he took him from the position in the air and placed him on the floor near a wall. he could not striation his body but when Alex hit his time limit Ogden would be fine and on the floor.

He turned Alex did not have much time to act he ran at Fate as he closed Fate started to move faster. Alex could see now that Fate was a little resistant to his Time step but not fast enough. He got close and step out of the time step he was at a full run as he activated his sword it took the form of a Miao Dao sword. He griped it with both hands as he moved though his target striking Fate he slid to a stop. Fate flew back as more cracks formed on the armor across the chest plate. Slamming in to a wall as time resumed.

Fate shook its head dazed by the blow. Alex knew now he was in trouble. The command center computers were in full swing whatever was happening it was going to be soon.

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