Encouraging a Swift Exit

At last, there was the sound's of real voices and activity just ahead of her. Jurran covering the distance at something just short of a run only to then stop dead in the doorway and watch events play out briefly.

Jurran counted four, one of which she recalled was the engineer from that last floating wreckage she had been foolish enough to crew aboard.

Than watching briefly as an older gentleman with wild hair engaged with an odd looking fellow wearing what she could only assumed was some stylized body as wild haired gentlemen said something akin to " I recognize that voice! " attacking the armored individual with a broken sword only to get knocked senseless across the room.

Things only got weirder from there with a brief moment of distorted reality wherein the events seemingly pass both faster and slower for a brief moment which ended with her suddenly discovering that the fourth individual was now engaged with the armored individual and the older gentlemen now lay on the ground against the far wall.

"I want 'him' out." The redheaded girl had suddenly appeared again beside Jurran pointing out the armored individual. "Make him go away Doctor."

"Oh Okay…" Jurran shrugged drawing her sidearm. "Hey! You Fucking wannabe Darth Vader." She screamed the warning leveling her weapon.

She didn't need to kill him she just needed to encourage a swift exit and historically the knees of body armor had always been the weakest point.

Aiming low she fired twice for each knee cap hoping that it would do the trick.


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