As the Gods See

After a moment she looked a bit conflicted as she answered him. "i would tell you if it were for you to know...or the time for you to know it." it was not a solid yes or no. If it was for her to say she would tell him all she knew of everything. But it was not the gods will and so not her words to say.

Olaf nodded and turned toward the Great Hall. The sounds of celebration were still loudly echoing from within it. “Would you care to be present when I tell Rabec? He may have questions that only you can answer. I will tell him, of course, what the gods have revealed to me. He may wish to have you stand for yourself.

Olaf looked at Sigrinn. She was a proud Viking woman. A good Viking woman. If only the others would see as he did. As the gods did. They would soon enough.

Angus MacTaggert chose the four men to travel with him. He ordered them to prepare, for on the morrow, they would be sailing into the North Sea. MacTaggert wasn’t a sailing man. He wasn’t looking forward to the trip. However, he would need allies

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