The Misty Appearance

Rabec nodded in agreement "and we shall be back by then my friend" Rrabec wasnt a overly religious man but he respected the Gods to the old ways. he belived Olaf spoke with them and so trusted his judgment a great deal.

“This is good!” Olaf agreed in laughter.

Sigrunn felt eyes on her and knew it was Olaf, she looked at him meeting his eyes boldly. She could help beasts part of laughter and injured her eyes as she looked over his face. Is browse for scrunched up and he looked very serious as if trying to solve the riddle. Titling her head alittle she raised a brow at him as if to ask if he had found the answer yet.

Olaf saw her eyes, seeing an almost playful attitude behind them. It amused Olaf. He was beginning to see Sigrunn in a much different way than he had ever before. He saw her as the woman she was, not just another who heard from the gods. And what he saw, peeked Olaf’s interest, which caused a grin to appear on Olaf’s face. Two could be playful.

However, Olaf was confused. He had fully given his twenty-nine years to the gods. Not once had he strayed from their service. He had always considered taking a woman as taking away from the gods. Now, he was having doubts about the thoughts and feelings he was currently experiencing.

The confusion frustrated Olaf. So much so, he had to excuse himself after downing the lager he just took. “I,” he started to say to Sigrunn, then paused, not knowing what or how to say it. “I need to seek the wisdom of Odin,” he finally stammered, not able to look Sigrunn in those mysterious eyes that he was now finding so alluring.

Olaf quietly turned. His spirit was saddened, with perhaps a hint of anger. He quickly set a trek to the circle. He needed to personally hear tonight. Olaf felt strange, coming to the gods for himself and not the village.

He sat against a tree at the edge of the circle. “Great Odin,” Olaf requested, “I need your wisdom.”

As Olaf sat against the tree, a heaviness came over his eyes. Soon, he saw a misty fog in the midst of the circle. Certainly, Odin had heard his servant and came to him.

However, to Olaf’s chagrin, it was Freya instead of Odin. “Why do you seek Odin’s wisdom for what comes natural?”

Olaf was confused. He heard himself say, “I need wisdom,” but his lips did not move.

“Why do you not worship as others do?” came another question.

“Worship?” Olaf asked. “Fair goddess, I have been your faithful servant since my youth,” he responded, lips still.

“Tell me,” Freya continued, “how am I worshipped during Mid-summer’s Night?”

Another question. Olaf knew. Couples would pair off and go into the brush. “I gave myself to the gods,” Olaf insisted.

“How do you give yourself to the gods, yet refuse what natural and given to you as a blessing?”

Another question! Olaf remained silent, absorbing what was being revealed.

“Have you considered what Sigrunn knows, but hasn’t revealed to you?” came another question?

Olaf considered for a moment. He knew of those killed in battle, half were taken by Freya, and the others escorted to Valhalla by the Valkyrie.

“It has nothing to do with death,” her voice echoed. Finally, a statement with no question. “Sigrunn knows what you are coming to realize. She knows of your desire for her. Have you not noticed how long you have desired her?”

Olaf looked to Freya with full confidence that she spoke truth to him. He had always respected Sigrunn for her hearing from the gods. He always assumed that was the attraction. But Freya’s words revealed to him that he had been denying the attraction in an effort to please the gods through his dedicated service.

“Sigrunn knows,” Freya resolutely stayed, “that she will carry your children.”

With that, Freya disappeared into the mist. She was gone, leaving Olaf silent, against the tree, contemplating all that was said.

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