No Tax Return This Year

The god dropped his hand and glared at her "may that be enough then....still ill lay a belssing on you anyway...a gift....the gift of endurance....for what ever you may come to face" the wind shifted and he was gone. Sigrunns heart squeezed in her chest. She didnt know what had juat been done but she knew it thay it was terrible.

So all this time, when Olaf Gustafson thought he was pleasing the gods, he was displeasing them. Olaf chuckled at that. At any resort, he knew what now must be done. He acknowledged his desires for Sigrunn.

Standing up away from the tree, Olaf began walking toward the village. His eyes were straightforward and determined. He had no idea of the time, but it had to be done. Outside of Sigrunn’s home, Olaf paused, seeing the wind chimes. Olaf smiled as his huge hand reached up, disturbing the chimes, causing a loud song to ring out in the night.

MacTaggert had every hair shaved from their bodies. He had them clothed in dresses, took their horses and weapons, and sent them, on foot, back to the king.

“Give this message to this self proclaimed king. Scotland is a free land. You will na get by Glasgow or Edinburgh. We don na recognize this king.”

The tax collectors took there time returning to King Rathborn, as they had to walk to the closest English town, find generous people that would provide them clothing, and they allowed there hair to begin to grow again. However, they did have the foresight to send a message to the king, explaining what had happened.

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