Social Anxiety

" no you need it more than sure you ould trafe this for a very good amount." she smiled at him again and it brought a bit of rose to her cheeks and a twinkle in her eye. " maybe next time ill have something worth trading for if you bring down another like it" she offered. After all this waa his livelyhood it was only right she had some form of payment.

Kainan didn't show it, but it hurt him that the lass didn't accept his gift of thanks. He wasn't sure if she was genuinely concerned that he was giving away a good piece of fur for free, or if she had merely been humoring him this whole time. He wasn't versed enough in the ways people conduct themselves to understand how people really behaved.

It was a conundrum.

He could read animals and their tracks as if he were a great scholar, but when it came to other people he may as well have been blind a deaf. He nodded slightly and tucked the bear skin back into his rook sack. "Very well. Thanks for the mead, and conversation.... I should be off to trade my goods. Again... thank you..." He paused, not sure if he had caught the lass's name.

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