Gods and men6

Standing up away from the tree, Olaf began walking toward the village. His eyes were straightforward and determined. He had no idea of the time, but it had to be done. Outside of Sigrunn’s home, Olaf paused, seeing the wind chimes. Olaf smiled as his huge hand reached up, disturbing the chimes, causing a loud song to ring out in the night.

Sigrunn herd the chimes on her door and it brought her back to the here and now. She walked to her door and opened it, she gave a warm smile when she saw Olaf "hello.." she greeted opening the door wider for him to enter.


He nodded slightly and tucked the bear skin back into his rook sack. "Very well. Thanks for the mead, and conversation.... I should be off to trade my goods. Again... thank you..." He paused, not sure if he had caught the lass's name.

She could tell she had upset him though she wasnt at all sure why. "oh um..your welcome but i doubt any one is trading tonight." she said and looked around the hall where most of the village was drinking and singing Maryly. "im sure they will be tomarrow though...do you have a place to sleep for the night?" she asked think surly he wouldnt go back up the moutin this late and with the rain starting to come down harder.


He stammered across the room and fell at Nikita's feet. "Oh, sweet Kiki... allow me to be your humble servant and wash the stink of this day from you. Allow me to me the man who would forsake Valhalla itself for one kiss from your lips."

Rabec laughed at the other mans display to his sister. "grab at her to much and she may send you the Valhalla you are so quivk to forsake."
Nikita laughed and tugged Tumi to his feet. "by the goddss get up you big fool" she looked up at him as he got to his feet her eyes laughing. He was quit a bit taller then her but then so were most people. "you are to drunk to bath anyone." she laughed.


It was clear to the mercenary that he was not having a good day.
"My Lord, I have heard from neighboring kingdoms that the Norsemen give you grief. For a price, I ask to be of assistance."

Rathborn sighed and looked him over. "and exactly what makes you sure you can be of use to me..how do i know im not waisting my money?" he asked "you know..the northmen are quit a savage lot. Brutal, ruthless and prone to barbaric forms of torture and killing."
A messanger came in then interrupting them.

The tax collectors took there time returning to King Rathborn, as they had to walk to the closest English town, find generous people that would provide them clothing, and they allowed there hair to begin to grow again. However, they did have the foresight to send a message to the king, explaining what had happened.

Rathborn ground his teeth. Did it ever stop? No it did not. The troubles just kept piling up on him. He looks back to the mercenary. "maybe you might be of use to me after all."

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