I'll just go... sleep in the rain... alone...

She could tell she had upset him though she wasnt at all sure why. "oh um..your welcome but i doubt any one is trading tonight." she said and looked around the hall where most of the village was drinking and singing Maryly. "im sure they will be tomarrow though...do you have a place to sleep for the night?" she asked think surly he wouldnt go back up the moutin this late and with the rain starting to come down harder.

Kainan was frustrated now. Typically he was good a timing these things so he'd get in, trade some furs, and get out before anyone decided to bother him. Somehow he had come earlier than he thought. This whole trip was turning into a waste of his time. He pushed air out of his nostrils and shook his head.

"No. I'll just go and set up camp in the forest and wait tomorrow." He started to leave, not looking forward to having to make a fire with the rains coming down. He felt quite the fool. If he believed in the gods, he'd have figured Loki pulled quite the joke on him today.

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