Gods and men7

“I,” Olaf quietly spoke, “have never desired anything, or anyone, as I do you. I have had that desire for some time.”

Olaf moved closer to Sigrunn. Close enough that he could smell her hair. Olaf hungrily kissed Sigrunn’s neck. Putting his hands about her waist, Olaf lifted her from the floor. As the kiss ended, Olaf whispered, “Let’s worship Freya tonight.”

Though he had never poken of these thing to her before sigrunn was not surprised. After all the vods had alreDy told her this was to be. Still she grew nerviouse and for the first time faltered on her path. She had never been with a man before and so was unsure of her self. Forcing her self to meet his eyes she gave him a bright smile and nodded placing her hand in his. "yes.. Let us"


This one just gave a better pitch.
The apparent note of bad news gave some welcome aid in his venture.
"My men and I work for less when it comes to Norsemen. We consider it a privilege to send them all to Hell."

Rathborn nodded "very well then...do what you can...find out who these northmen are....see if they can be baught...if i can give them gold or silver to leave and how much...if they cannot be bauhht eliminate them." he waved a gaurd over to see the man out. "name your price. You will get half now and half on your return."


"No. I'll just go and set up camp in the forest and wait tomorrow." He started to leave, not looking forward to having to make a fire with the rains coming down. He felt quite the fool. If he believed in the gods, he'd have figured Loki pulled quite the joke on him today.

Hilda could tell he was getting agitated. Not sure what she had done to upset him she tried to sooth him. She raised her hand and moved slowly so he could see her movments, much like one would a wild animal, and laid her hand softly on his forarm. "i have a spare room tou could stay in" she offered sweetly. "if you would like". For some reasion she liked him. He had rough edges and clearly didnt like people but there was something els in him. Something she wanted to find.

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