The Blessing of the Gods

Still she grew nerviouse and for the first time faltered on her path. She had never been with a man before and so was unsure of her self. Forcing her self to meet his eyes she gave him a bright smile and nodded placing her hand in his. "yes.. Let us"

Olaf carries the woman of his desires to her bed, covered with furs. Gently, he laid her upon it. He removed the headdress and the skull about his chest. He crawled into her bed next to her.

Olaf was a bunch of nerves and anxious about the moment. He didn’t want to do things wrong, so he closed his eyes and listened as the natural began to take over. Soon, he was showing Sigrunn how much he had desired her.

As they worshipped Freya together, it became a spiritual event. The two of them entwined together as one was a mystical experience. It was as if the gods were orchestrating the ultimate amount of pleasure.

In a few hours, Olaf was holding Sigrunn. The whole thing was surreal. Their physical bodies, holding each other, mixed with the spiritual reality that the gods had chosen to bless them with each other.

Holding her next to him, Olaf whispered, “I thought I had to deny all pleasure save that of serving the gods. Freya showed me the error of my ways. I’m glad she did; it was causing much frustration.”

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