Is that so?

Tumi grinned. "You think so? I am a man of supreme vision and focus when I see something I want. Let me demonstrate," he said and at once he withdrew a pair of daggers. He looked her deep in the eyes and stood on one foot, then closed his eyes, and threw the two daggers in opposite directions. The went 20 feet or so and stuck into the doors at either end of the hall.

With that, he knelt, reached out and took her hand. "Would you like to reconsider my offer?"


Elizabeth peeked back through the tapestry and saw her father distracted, so she put on her most charming smile, hooked the mercenary by the arm and scooted him out of the room.

"And to you, kind sir," she said speaking loftily as possible. She hated pretending to be feminine. "You must excuse my appearance. Father insists on me taking riding lessons and he fears for my safety so that he makes me wear men's gear or injury myself when I fall." She released him once they were away from other sets of eyes. She bowed, only slightly, "I am the Princess Elizabeth, Lady of Wales since my dear mother has long since passed on and my dear father has not remarried."

"I heard you speak of your valor and interactions with the heathen. I'd be delighted to hear more. It is so dull, staying about here in the castle all day."

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