The Princess

Theodore was a bit put off by Elizabeth’s seemingly innocent nature, usually his looks and tales were not to the refined tastes of noble folk.
It appeared however, he would not be getting out of it. Sufficiently away from any prying eyes, one scream and he would be hung by the evening.
“An imaginative one are we? Well, just before venturing to your fathers fine city, my men and I had stopped several raids. The Norsemen are nothing but dirt and muscle, but couldn’t hold against those fighting with the Lord.”
He wasn’t a devout himself, if his career choice was any indication. It got the townsfolk feeling good when the booze started to hit and hatred of the North was spoken freely.
“It’s not always a breeze. If it were not for my right hand man, I would surely have become a heathen sacrifice long ago.”
He was wanting to be back with his group, getting into a brawl or just singing some songs before heading North. He tried to cut this distraction early.
“I would love to delve into the details, but I must meet my men to prepare for the trip North. If I make it back, maybe we will meet again?”

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