Letting The Stray In

She raised her hand and moved slowly so he could see her movments, much like one would a wild animal, and laid her hand softly on his forarm. "i have a spare room tou could stay in" she offered sweetly. "if you would like". For some reasion she liked him. He had rough edges and clearly didnt like people but there was something els in him. Something she wanted to find.

Kainan looked to where Hilda had her hand on his arm. It was an unfamiliar feeling that made him want to recoil away. Not out of disgust, just out of instinct. He wasn't used to being touched by anyone aside from the occasional punch from a drunk. He didn't know how to react to such a gesture. And it was making him uncomfortable, yet it also wasn't unpleasant. Her fingers were soft and warm. Still, finding the proper response was proving difficult.

He wasn't keen on spending a night in the rain. He'd have to find some place to keep out of the rain, and hiking back up to his home in the woods was out of the question, the idea of being under a roof and in a warm bed was enticing. Eventually he relented and nodded. He did, however, shift his sack of animal furs to his other shoulder as a way to get her to stop touching him.

"I'd... I'd appreciate it." He smiled quickly and shifted the bag of furs to his other shoulder. "If it isn't too much to ask. I don't want to be a burden."

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