Alliance Hunting

Sirunn gave a small laugh as she nestled closer him. "well im glad to ease your frustrations." she teased. "will you stay here or will you go home tonight?" she knew some men left their wemon and went home after if they had not been married

Olaf squeezed her tightly to him. “And leave it open to have another come in and and steal you from me?” he teased. His voice turned serious, then. “The gods have given me the desire of my heart. I do not want to let you go.”

Olaf realized that when Rabec took the men out again, he’d have to leave her. She’d work now with Nikita to provide leadership while the men were gone. Nikita couldn’t have a better helper, but he’d miss having her by his side.

Angus MacTaggert and his four men began to trek southward heading toward the east coast. MacTaggert knew the raids have been coming straight from across the Black Sea. The five headed toward a village called NewCastle. With any luck, the Norsemen would strike near here and the Scots could strike up a new alliance.

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