Men 3

When the morning sun came up, Olaf’s massive arms were still holding Sigrunn. As the light seeped through his eyelids, Olaf slowly awoke, not wanting the night to end. So, he remained still, not wanting to awake Sigrunn. He lay there admiring the woman he had desired for so long and with whom the gods had blessed him. She was his perfect match.

Sirunn felt the warmth of the morning sun coming in through her window and the warmth of olaf against her. She also felt his eyes on her. With out opening them she smiled and stretched. "do you like always watch people while they sleep?" she teased.


He felt his heart hurt. Like it always did when such memories resurfaced. He fought to stamp out the feeling and forced a smile. "You are a very kind, Hilda."

Hilda blushed and looked down with a smile. " thank you.." she turn down gather the ingredients to make him a small stew. As she prepared the meal she snuck little glances at kainan. He was handsome and though he looked like he could be as dangerous and Untamed has any wild animal he had so far been kind to her. When is was ready she laid him out a bowl of stew and some bread to go with it then sat across from him at thw table. She disnt know anyone like him...well maybe Rabec. But most men in the villag were loud , boastfull and always trying to orove they were the biggest and baddest. Kainan just seems quieter like he didn't need to prove he was beacuse he knew. She looked down at her own bowl. " i have a spare room you are welcome to for as long as you like or you may wish to stay close to the fire in which case i can bring you furs and quilts to cover and make a bed in here with." in truth she had not had some one in her home since her father died much less a man.

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