Radiant Face

Sirunn felt the warmth of the morning sun coming in through her window and the warmth of olaf against her. She also felt his eyes on her. With out opening them she smiled and stretched. "do you like always watch people while they sleep?" she teased.

Olaf kissed behind Sigrunn’s ear. “I’m just enjoying the way the light of the sun radiates and highlights your features.” He chuckled, then rolled to her, making love to her once again. As much as they enjoyed each other last night, he still couldn’t get his fill. He knew this first time wouldn’t last; Olaf did have a duty to the community. He also knew there’d be more times and a marriage in the future. The gods had brought them together. Nothing could bring them apart. All of that was in Olaf’s mind, but one more time would show Sigrunn the desire he had for her.

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