Forgotten Warmth

She looked down at her own bowl. " i have a spare room you are welcome to for as long as you like or you may wish to stay close to the fire in which case i can bring you furs and quilts to cover and make a bed in here with." in truth she had not had some one in her home since her father died much less a man.

Kainan slowly spooned the stew into his mouth, and thought for a moment. Considering which would be better. He slept on the ground most nights, even in his cottage the bedding was on the floor next to the fire. It dawned on him that perhaps he did live a bit like a wild animal. The last time he'd slept in an actual bed was when he was a lad of twelve.

Perhaps it was time to stop living like some wild man?

"If it wouldn't trouble you, I'd prefer to sleep by the fire." Kainan finally decided, his habits would die hard indeed. Then he spooned more stew into his mouth. It was better than what he could make. The flavor was rich and the meat tender. He savored it. A home cooked meal. In a real home. More painful memories resurfaced and wreaked havoc on Kainan's mind. Yet he remained steadfast and looked Hilda in the eyes with a small smile.

"You cook very well. I must say I am very grateful that you allowed me to stay here and eat your food. I know I must have thanked you numerous times already, but it's worth repeating. I've..." he felt something catch in his throat. He had to fight back the new wave of emotion that was gripping him.

He won and cleared his throat. "It's been a long time since anyone has been so kind to me. I wish I could repay you, though I fear not even the finest furs I could catch would come close to matching your generosity." He struggled to look her in the eyes now.

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