The Raiding Party

"got word you might be here" he said the nodded behind him "Rabec is calling the men to come speak with him on plans for the next raid.wants you there." then he turned to leave but not before Sigrunn caught the side glance he through her if she had some how bewitched Olaf and was some kind of villein.

Olaf put on his furs, boots and his gear. He looked at Sigrunn with a true smile. For once, he felt complete.

“Don’t worry what others think,” Olaf reassured her. “We have the blessing of the gods.”

Olaf left Sigrunn’s modest home, grabbed his staff, which he left outside. It was probably the reason they knew to find him there. He looked the staff over. He must make one for Sigrunn. Sometimes, Olaf knew the gods were calling to him by the stone lodged within the top of the staff. He was sure Sigrunn would sense the leading in the same way.

Olaf walked to find Rabec. He wasn’t sure about leaving now, but would do his duty for the village. They looked to him for wisdom from the gods. Olaf hadn’t left them down; he wasn’t about to. He was certain that Sigrunn would do the same for the elderly, young, and women folk left behind when the men went to battle.

When he found Rabec, Olaf happily shouted, “”Hail Rabec good friend!”

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