men 5

"If it wouldn't trouble you, I'd prefer to sleep by the fire." Kainan finally decided, his habits would die hard indeed. Then he spooned more stew into his mouth. It was better than what he could make. The flavor was rich and the meat tender. He savored it. A home cooked meal. In a real home. More painful memories resurfaced and wreaked havoc on Kainan's mind. Yet he remained steadfast and looked Hilda in the eyes with a small smile.

"You cook very well. I must say I am very grateful that you allowed me to stay here and eat your food. I know I must have thanked you numerous times already, but it's worth repeating. I've..." he felt something catch in his throat. He had to fight back the new wave of emotion that was gripping him.

He won and cleared his throat. "It's been a long time since anyone has been so kind to me. I wish I could repay you, though I fear not even the finest furs I could catch would come close to matching your generosity." He struggled to look her in the eyes now.

Hilda shook her head "oh no its really not anything to go one about" she smiled "in truth its nice to not be alone for was just me and my father most of my life and ever since he died its been just me..." she shrugged "your company is payment enough" she cleaned up the dishes and brought him some bedding. "im down the hall if you need anything" she told him then went to her room.
when morning finally came Hilda was already awake. she hadnt been able to sleep with Kainan in her house. it wasn't that she was scared of him or didnt want him there it was more of the fact that it felt like she was hyper aware of him in the next room. she swore she could hear every breath he took and every sound he made, could feel every time he shifted or turned over.
getting up she shook her head. that was silly and childish. quietly she tip toed into the room to start breakfast not wanting to wake him if he was still asleep.


Olaf put on his furs, boots and his gear. He looked at Sigrunn with a true smile. For once, he felt complete.

“Don’t worry what others think,” Olaf reassured her. “We have the blessing of the gods.”

Olaf left Sigrunn’s modest home, grabbed his staff, which he left outside. It was probably the reason they knew to find him there. He looked the staff over. He must make one for Sigrunn. Sometimes, Olaf knew the gods were calling to him by the stone lodged within the top of the staff. He was sure Sigrunn would sense the leading in the same way.

Olaf walked to find Rabec. He wasn’t sure about leaving now, but would do his duty for the village. They looked to him for wisdom from the gods. Olaf hadn’t left them down; he wasn’t about to. He was certain that Sigrunn would do the same for the elderly, young, and women folk left behind when the men went to battle.

When he found Rabec, Olaf happily shouted, “”Hail Rabec good friend!”

Sigrunn smiled and kissed him "i do not worry love" she assured him then watched from the door way as he walked away to meet Rabec.

Rabec turned at the sound of his name and a wide grin grew on his face. he raised his arm and dropped it around Olafs shoulders. "Olaf my friend come we are speaking of the raids and how to go about them wear to strike how many men, many detels. you thoughts on this would be well received"

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