The Vision of Battle

Rabec turned at the sound of his name and a wide grin grew on his face. he raised his arm and dropped it around Olafs shoulders. "Olaf my friend come we are speaking of the raids and how to go about them wear to strike how many men, many detels. you thoughts on this would be well received"

“I knew it must be urgent,” Olaf stated with a smirk and chuckle. “Otherwise, I would not have been called away.”

Suddenly, the dream Olaf had while sleeping soundly and holding Sigrunn became clear. It was as if he were gazing through the eyes of a red-tailed hawk, the spirit animal of Hlin, the goddess of war. He flew across the North Sea, spying an area where a river emptied into the sea. Noting the details, he flew inland, following the river to a place where two towns seemed to be one. Twin villages.

It seemed Hlin was leading them there. During the ensuing battle, five men in dresses joined them in fighting the Englishmen. <I>Men in dresses?</i> Olaf couldn’t hide his surprise.

Olaf pursed his lips, thinking over the meaning. Did these men in dresses wish to befriend Rabec? What was their relationship to the English? They were in an English town, but didn’t seem English.

“Hlin is leading us inland, upriver, where we will find twin villages,” Olaf confirmed. “There, strange men in dresses will join us in battle.”

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