men 6

Still, when he heard Hilda creep into the room he decided to remain still as she went about making breakfast, faking his awakening with a yawn as he slowly sat up. He looked at her and simply nodded.

"Morning." He said plainly, though a small smile cracked his usual stony facade. He then got up, not even noticing he was wearing naught but a fur loincloth. Again, a habit he had gained from years of being alone, it didn't occur to him to get dressed or cover up as he asked: "Do you need help with any of that?" Meaning preparing the food.

hilda had her back to him as she worked "oh no i..." her words faltered as she turned around and took him. her face felt hot and she knew she was blushing. "oh are a little under dressed" she said trying to look at anything but him.


Olaf pursed his lips, thinking over the meaning. Did these men in dresses wish to befriend Rabec? What was their relationship to the English? They were in an English town, but didn’t seem English.

“Hlin is leading us inland, upriver, where we will find twin villages,” Olaf confirmed. “There, strange men in dresses will join us in battle.”

Rabec watched Olaf and could tell he was seeing things as the gods would. when he spoke Rabec nodded "men in dresses you say? " he bedeviled him of course but it was still a strange thing to hear. he looked to his men "'let us ready our self then" as the men started to disperse to finish preparations and say their good byes nikita approached her brother "i would like to go this time" she said firmly raising her chin and staring him in the eyes. a soft smile came over him and he cupped her face in his hand "no..i need you here to run things while i am away" he said she glared at him "am i not as good a warrior as your men?" he laughed "better than some actually" she nodded "then i should go." he shook his head and dropped his hand "that is why i need you here..i need some one strong and someone i trust to watch over my lands and people in my absence " she sighed and looked down, he would not budge and she knew it.

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