Preparing To Raid

'let us ready our self then" as the men started to disperse to finish preparations and say their good byes nikita approached her brother "i would like to go this time" she said firmly raising her chin and staring him in the eyes. a soft smile came over him and he cupped her face in his hand "no..i need you here to run things while i am away" he said she glared at him "am i not as good a warrior as your men?" he laughed "better than some actually" she nodded "then i should go." he shook his head and dropped his hand "that is why i need you here..i need some one strong and someone i trust to watch over my lands and people in my absence " she sighed and looked down, he would not budge and she knew it.

Olaf chuckled, saying to Nikita, “I swear, he’s getting closer to crumbling. Keep at it warrior!”

Olaf went to his home, pulled out a branch from a rowen tree. Olaf thought this would make a good backup to his current staff. Now, he knew it would make a good one for Sigrunn. It was like the staff he carried, good for a weapon too. It would have to wait until they returned. He placed it upon a table.

Next to it, Olaf laid a sacred white stone. Their ancestors used to carve gigantic white stones into phalluses to worship their fertility gods. They still worshipped Freya, the goddess, but not using the phalluses. They used love making at their solstices as a way to celebrate the goddess now. The white stone was still considered sacred, for it belonged to the gods. He’d mount the stone in the staff when they got back.

He put a leather strap upon his arm, then walked out the back door to his house. In his right hand, he held a piece of raw meet. Holding his right strapped arm out, he waited. Soon, Olaf heard the cry of a red-tailed hawk. It lighted upon the strapped arm and took the raw meat from his hand.

Olaf laughed heartily as be placed a blinder upon the head of the hawk. “Hlin, my friend,” Olaf announced, “you shall be traveling with us!”

The hawk wasn’t Hlin, of course, but Olaf honored the goddess of war by giving the bird that name. He would often use the hawk to see things he could not see. A Birdseye view often enlightened Olaf. He would use Hlin the hawk to see where this river entered into the sea.

With the hawk on his arm and his staff in his opposite hand, Olaf walked to Sigrunn’s home. There, he tapped the door with his staff.

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