Men 7

Kainan sputtered and went over to grab one of the many furs that had comprised of his bed and wrapped it around himself. "I'm sorry. I'm not used to waking up in someone else's home."

He took a seat and when Hilda had finished preparing food he graciously accepted it and quietly ate for a moment before speaking again. "You said this was your father's home? Do you have any other family here in the village?"

Hilda kept blusing "oh no its fine i understand." she staired down at her food as they ate in silance then answered when he spoke "oh no...i dont have any other family here...just a few close wit nikita and Rabec..they are almost like family." she explained. Hilda hadnt had any real family for years now. She busyed her self with keeping her home running and helping nikita and Rabec with the village.


Olaf chuckled, saying to Nikita, “I swear, he’s getting closer to crumbling. Keep at it warrior!”

Nikita gave him a small frown and watched him as he walked away. She doubted he was right.

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