Where to Rest

The tavern that contained Theodore’s crew had become quite the scene when he arrived. Several patrons lay in the dirt and one of the twins now fought against her comrades in order to break free.
“Call me a wench again, I dare you! You won’t be able to sire that “grand” bloodline once I get my hands on you!”
He couldn’t help but chuckle, another night they would be spending outside of a city. They would gripe about it, but he knew they would never stifle their pride in order to have a comfortable bed.
“Juliana, calm yourself. I am quite sure the man meant no offense, besides, your casual attire is indicative of a common bar wench.”
The woman snarled at Theodore, glaring at him as she finally got free. Walking over, she tried to take a swing, only for her leader to duck around it and pull her arm behind her back.
“Fine! May your guts rot in hell, I give!”
Letting her go, he allowed the others to gather themselves before sharing their new job.
“The King took our offer, 5 shillings per head, so make sire to pack your bags full!”
Once again, his second in command, a huge wall of a man, voiced his displeasure.
“Boss, we could be pulling in gold for the work we do! We know you have some personal dirt against them, but that shouldn’t be taken out on our coin purses.”
Once again, Theodore considered the idea. It did entertain him thinking of robbing these kings of their prized riches.
“My dear Charles, we make more than most. If you want to make it rich quick and become another lazy Baron, you can find your own work.”
The two had known each other long enough that Charles let it go for now, instead of stabbing him and taking over. Besides, Theodore was the brains.
“Then where to Theo?”
Looking to the recovering townsfolk, he was surprised to see several actually cheering Juliana, giving remarks of never meeting such a woman before.
She of course brushed it off, but for once they weren’t getting chased off.
“We stay the night, then prepare for a long ride.”
With these orders, he entered the tavern to find a bed and enjoy the rest of the night.

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