Saying Goodbye

With the hawk on his arm and his staff in his opposite hand, Olaf walked to Sigrunn’s home. There, he tapped the door with his staff.

When Sigrunn answered her door, Olaf greeted her with a smile. The hawk gazed at her with yellow eyes.

“Sigrunn, you have the spiritual charge of the community while I am away on the raid,” he informed her.

He didn’t wish to leave this time. He had just made known his desires to Sigrunn. It felt so right to hold her next to him all night after hours of both pouring out their natural desires for each other. It only happened one night, but Olaf would miss her. He tried to find the words to tell her.

“Sigrunn, I will...” Olaf stammered, his head down because he was leaving. “I will miss you.”

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