Kainan nodded. "That's good." He smiled slightly and chuckled. "Better than my friend. Soren. He's a wolf." He chuckled again. Soren was a lone wolf that had wandered by Kainan's cabin one day and, after Kainan left him some food and bits of animal he had no need of, ended up sticking near the cabin for food and protection. "You're better company." He said, in a joking manner. Though he meant it all the same.

Hilda laughed " well thank you. I am glad" as the finished their meal she looked to him "they will be leaving forbthe raids soon...will you not go with them? I know if you aked rabec he would let you"


“Sigrunn, you have the spiritual charge of the community while I am away on the raid,” he informed her.

He didn’t wish to leave this time. He had just made known his desires to Sigrunn. It felt so right to hold her next to him all night after hours of both pouring out their natural desires for each other. It only happened one night, but Olaf would miss her. He tried to find the words to tell her.

“Sigrunn, I will...” Olaf stammered, his head down because he was leaving. “I will miss you.”

Sigrunn tilted her head with a small smile. "i am honored....and i will miss you olaf." she moved closer to him so she could take the staff and lac her fingers with his

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