The Call For All

Sigrunn tilted her head with a small smile. "i am honored....and i will miss you olaf." she moved closer to him so she could take the staff and lac her fingers with his

Fingers laced, eyes meeting eyes, Olaf grinned. He leaned over and kissed her. It mattered not to Olaf what anyone would say if they were to see it. The gods blessed it, and if they had the gods’ blessings, what could mortal man say.

Olaf left go of the staff, leaving it in Sigrunn’s hand. Upon his other arm, he still had the hawk, hooded and leg secured. As he turned, Olaf walked to his home, got his second staff, which didn’t have a stone mounted yet. Then he walked to where the men were preparing the longboats.

As he was about to pass Hilda Grathbron’s home, for some reason he turned toward the door. It was unusual for Olaf to think of a man being there, but he had that nagging feeling. “All men to the longboats!” Olaf shouted toward the door. “Every man is needed!” He then turned back and walked to the boats.

He found Rabec’s and walked up next to him. “To find our river, we will use the hawk. The goddess Hlin will guide him,” Olaf advised. “We will be victorious! Is everyone prepared?”

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