Sigrunn watched him go and said small prayer for the gods to look after him.

Hilda junped at Olafs sudden intrusuion and departure. She looked at kainan "well you are welcome to stay here" she said "or i suppose u will be wanting to get back home" she was trying to work around the walls he ha built but felt like she just kept hitting one after the other.

Rabec nodded at Olafe and told the other men. Soon they were saying their good byes. Nikita walked u to him still pouting. He grinned down at her. "now dont have me leave with you makeing that face at me." he said after a moment she sighed and gave him a half hearted smile "thats my girl" he hugged her close making her feet leave the ground. When he put her down she was smileing for real. "bring back something with value." she teased then turned to Olaf who was like a brother. She hugged him tight and stepped away. "you make sure you boys make it back

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