Hilda junped at Olafs sudden intrusuion and departure. She looked at kainan "well you are welcome to stay here" she said "or i suppose u will be wanting to get back home" she was trying to work around the walls he ha built but felt like she just kept hitting one after the other.

For some reason Olaf's call stirred something inside Kainan. Despite his initial instinct to retreat back to his home in the mountains his spirit was seeking to answer Olaf's call. He looked to Hilda andraised an eyebrow as he gathered his axes and rooksack.

"Perhaps I could stay a bit longer." Admittedly, he also wanted to see Hilda more. The lass was intriguing, and kind. Something Kainan hadn't experienced in a long time. He nodded to her before stepping out of her abode and following Olaf and the others.

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