The Women In Charge

He grinned down at her. "now dont have me leave with you makeing that face at me." he said after a moment she sighed and gave him a half hearted smile "thats my girl" he hugged her close making her feet leave the ground. When he put her down she was smileing for real. "bring back something with value." she teased then turned to Olaf who was like a brother. She hugged him tight and stepped away. "you make sure you boys make it back

Olaf grinned. “You keep at him. One day, he will give up!”

The large Druid stepped into the longboat. He placed Hlin the hawk upon a perch coming from the center mast. He looked forward to the raid, knowing the gods were with them. Part of him remained back with Sigrunn this time. It was a strange feeling, One he hadn’t expected.

He looked up and saw Kainan walking towards the boats. The outsider decided to join them. He looked rugged, as if he would handle himself well in battle. Behind Kainan, Olaf set eyes upon Sigrunn and Hilda, returning to Nikita standing by the boats. The village would be in their hands with the men gone. Certainly, it couldn’t be in better hands

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