Where to?

Theodore took a map from his horse’s saddle bag and marked the town they were now leaving. The villagers had been very... hospitable and the tavern served decent food and drink.
“Where to first?”
Charles sidled up to Theo, an expectant grin on his freshly shaven face.
“I see you were well taken care of. I am not sure in all honesty, the heathens raids have been erratic as of late. There isn’t a single pattern to be had from their movements.”
Handing the map to Charles, the man looked at the series of dots marking raids and came to a similar conclusion.
“Looks like it is mostly coastal though, they are not pushing inland as they have in the past.”
The two men remained staring at the map for a few minutes, brows furrowed and not a word between them.
One of the men, an asian by the moniker Phil, rode up to them.
“Sir, the others are wondering what the holdup is.”
Captain and second in command looked up in unison, then shook their heads and put away the map.
“West, to the coast.”

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