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This is an old character & has been deleted.

Image of Alena-1557

Summary: Child of the World Ocean


Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Citizen

General Appearance

A child of the ocean world, Alena is lithe and long legged, body toned from endless days spent swimming under the waves. Standing 175cm she is almost as tall as most Belters but lacks their spindly form. Malachite hair streams across her face and down across her shoulders, a colorful but subdued complement to her storm grey eyes.


Wonder, exploration, inveterate puzzle player, is at her best when using another person as her mirror.


Oceanologist, sentient near-technological lifeform researcher, aquaponist.

Character Bio

Work in Progress

Criminal Record

Accused and convicted of trafficking in unregistered artifacts, criminal conspiracy, murder. Sentenced to H.E.L.


Ocean arcology field suit; environmental control and maintenance, extendible fins and ultra low friction boundary system, health monitoring, 3-dimensional mapping and projection, standard data relays to nearly invisible arrays projected between her and the environment.

Oxygen Osmotic DNA splicing, able to extract oxygen from water over the surface of her skin but with a five times greater effect in her hair due to its biophysically enhanced structure and vastly increased surface area. This does however give her hair the ability to feel contact like skin and is excruciatingly painful and traumatic if cut.


Ocean arcology field suit.


Work in Progress

Character Notes

Work in Progress

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