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Image of Ky Ivanova a.k.a. Ky-7728

Summary: Genetically Enhanced Corporate Assassin

Ky Ivanova a.k.a. Ky-7728

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Gender: Female

Age: 27 years

Group: Spacer

General Appearance

Ky stands at just over 5' tall with long white hair and the powder white complexion. Ky typically wears dark skin suit and other assorted clothing as well as a polarized optical mask to protect her from daylight and sand.


Ky has been stuck planet side for 3 years and thus has learned to place her own survival above and beyond all other things. Exploration and auqusition of alien artifacts a close second given the rewards they can earn her.


Ky was an Enforcer for the Kyoto-Shou Corporation and a member of its Special Security Team.

Character Bio


Criminal Record

Classified/Unknown - Whatever Ky did is wrapped up in so much Corporation red tape and official orders of nondisclosure. That even Ky has no clue what she did knowing only that the entirety of the event was erased from her memory.


I'm has a range enhancements to address Physical Strength, Stamina, and endurance. As well as Agility and Reflexes as well.

The most notable enhancements however are ...

1) Her Biological Optical Enhancements that allow her to see in absolute darkness.

2) Retractable Diamond hard Claws housed in her finger tips on both hands.


Ky carries a standard pack with an assortment of items and equipment stored within.

Weapon wise Ky has a Katana like weapon she carries and several throwing knives.


Unknown - As an additional level of security The Corporation has erased all memory of any Corporate Contacts as well as any Family or Friends who might still be attacted to the Company.

Ky suspects she may have had a twin sister as she remembers some small details now and than.

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