On the Clock - Prt 01

Downtown, District-73
The Hon Family Compound
16-11-2298. 0610L

They had gotten in just after 6am. Not that it mattered given that everyone was either still asleep or had already left for the day.

Exhausted from their night out Ming, as was typical, stripped down to nearly nothing and crashed in Twix's bed. Twix herself making sure to tuck her in and kissing her on the forehead before she decided to change and and get some work done before she herself crashed for the day.

To be honest Twix felt bad for Ming. Her home life was in a word 'shit' her parents running the household like a virtual prison compound on top of already being way over-the-top control freaks to begin with.

Truth be told they would have likely put an end to her and Ming's friendship years ago if not for the fact that their parents had agreed to a contract of marriage between the two families when Ming and Twix were around 12 to 13 years old. It was that same contract that kept Ming's parents from kicking her out when they discovered that Ming had started the transition 3 years ago.

So long as Twix was willing to hold up her family's side of the arranged marriage Mings parents would do the same.That wasn't to say that it solved all Ming's problem's, it didn't by any stretch of the imagination but Ming endured the abuse and had sworn Twix to say nothing so there was little she could do to help beyond supporting her best friend as best she could.

Stripping down to just her panties Twix collected her favorite sweater from the back of the closet taking a moment to enjoy the freshly cleaned scent of it before throwing it on.

It was perhaps the ugliest sweater in creation that she had stolen from her Dad's closet when she was like 10 years old. A worn and faded brown in color with the words 'World Mud Wrestling Federation Championship 2225' stenciled on the back in faded bold letters and a stylized depiction of two women with impossibly big breasts wrestling in the muck on the front.

Ming thought it was a horrid but the real hate for it came from Twix's mother who despised it with an unmatched passion.

Dad had explained to her once that her Mother had won if for him in a contest when they were still dating and hated to be reminded of how stupidly drunk she'd gotten that night.

Still Twix had never found a sweater quite as comfortable and warm enough to wear when she was working in the Cold Room so she held onto it with an iron grip and had even dug it out of the trash a few times after her mother had thought she could make it secretly disappear.

The things we do for love …

" Diva 1 Online." Twix commanded as she switched the workroom lights on.

" Diva 1 Online." The cycle responded.

"Command Access Diva." Twix sounded running the checklists in her head.

" Password please?" Diva requested.

" Cherry Pie."

"Command access confirmed, Systems ready." Diva sounded.

" Diva, Run diagnostics…" Twix commanded as she started pulling the toolboxs and equipment from the work bench and placing them next to the cycle.

" Diagnostics complete all systems Green." Diva responded

Twix pulled another heavy box from under a nearby table and carried to the cycle dropping it on the ground. " Diva Combat configuration, Prep for combat loads."

There was a series of sharp clicks as the passenger seat popped upwards and otherwise invisible panels opened to reveal slots for additional armored panels and weapon systems both offensive and defensive.

" Okay, let's start with loading the nano-reactive armor panels and then we'll move to loading the 10mm and 20mm Cannons and defensive countermeasures." Twix sounded off pulling the 20mm cannon from its box and collecting the armored panel pieces.


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