On the Clock - Prt 02

Downtown, District-73
The Hon Family Compound
16-11-2298. 2258L

Twix awoke in a cold sweat as the roar in her ears faded into utter silence as the dream still lingered clear as crystal in her memory.

The same dream every night for the last few weeks, playing out the same scene again and again. Some faceless Enforcer dragging her and off her Cycle and placing the muzzle of his rifle to the back of her head repeating the words every youth in Paradise City lived in terror of ever hearing them spoken aloud.

" As per standing order 2-21 of the city criminal code. Your status has been upgraded from Delinquent Youth to Terrorist Threat. There is no Re-education Centers for you … No Criminal Detention Centers in your future because you no longer have one.

Reform and Reintroduction to civil society is no longer an option. You will be shot and your body processed by the nearest Recycling facility. "

The was a customary pause than before the Enforcer would continue. "Any last words before I carry out sentence? "

In the dream there never seemed to be enough time for words. There was just the image of Ming's tear covered face as their eyes met a final time and than the sound roaring in her ears. It was always that god awful sound that woke her up at the end.


Twix was barely awake when the Ghost Link sounded a new message alert. Twix collecting it from the top of the toolbox scanning the message that contained the location of tonights meeting point for the trials with a showtime of 2300L leaving her less than an hour to get from District-73 to District-85.

Twix groaned running her fingers through her hair piecing together the best route to get there.

Normally transit between the two districts was not a big deal beyond the hassle of rush hour traffic during the daylight hours at night however it wasn't traffic that would be an issue. She'd be riding hot with a dozen extra flavors on her ride anyone of which would get her shot on the spot if discovered by the Enforcers during a search and word all over the Ghost Link was that the Security Forces were out in force tonight with checkpoints and random inspections stops happening all over the city.

" Almost like someone talked … "

She couldn't help but laugh at the thought of the whole night going to shit because someone squealed to the enforcers or took a pay-off.

" Someone always talks Baby girl." She recalled Glimmer telling her once. " Remember that two can keep a secret better than three, and one even better than two."

Her hand came to rest on Diva briefly. " Diva, Ming's Combat Camo… Black on Black."

The cycle's bright neon pink lines dulled and faded. The skin of the cycle assuming a layered black on black color scheme made up of angles and square shaped patterns that Ming had patterned for her.

"Damn thats nice." Twix nodding her approval.


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