On the Clock - Prt 04

In Route to District-83
Canal Access Road West
17-11-2298. 2342L

In the end she had to settle for the long way around taking the Northwestern route along the Canal access road only just avoiding a half a dozen Enforcers manning a checkpoint along the main drag and that one coming just after a trio of near misses with patrol cruisers as she made the transition from District 9 into District 8.

She was finally forced to make the transition from the canals access to the streets again when word came over the Ghost link that Security floaters had been spotted running the canal from north to south 10 minutes north of her location. The change forcing her to cut through the District 92 industrial park and than making a dash along one of the pipelines that ran between District 90 and District 95 picking up a tail along the way before losing him by cutting through a drainage tunnel and across the abandoned works in District 88 and than North into District 85 from the southern.

She was just shy of the meeting point and running a good 10 minutes behind schedule when she chanced to catch sight of an Armored Floater as it cruised over her position in silent mode heading in the same direction as she was.

Breaking hard she pulled the Diva under cover just in time as another pair of Armored floaters in trail passed overhead in trail of the first running the length of the alleyway this time scanning with searchlights as they passed her by continued north.

Kiilling the power on her cycle she recalling another of Glimmer Jones bits of wisdom.

" See one floater, there are two... See two floaters and there are four… See three baby girl, you better run little girl because a whole lotta people are about to be recycled."

" Fuck me sideways … " Twix cursed trying to think of what she should do next. Her gaze drifting back down the way she'd come only just spotting a shadow drift across the ground behind her.

Quickly powering the cycle and throttling the accelerator to full speed she lauched the Diva out of cover and down the alleyway as another bit of wisdom came to mind.

"Floaters can see through walls baby girl. "

The Armored floater above her position punctuated that point with a few hundred rounds pounding into the concert where she had been hidden in the moments just before.


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