Trial by Fire

Western Industrial, District-85
The Warehouse District
18-11-2289. 0001L

Twix pushed the throttle to full sending the Diva down the narrow alley as fast as it could go taking the next corner totally unprepared for how much heavier the cycle between her legs was fully loaded. The cycle's fat ass drifted further than she had intended as she completed turn with the tail end slamming hard into a waste collection bin.

The armored floater above her rolled sideways on its nose to allow the door gunner a better angle. The bastard in turn not bothering to wait for the shot his lighting up the alleyway behind her with tracers that cut a path down the length of the alleyway turning the waste collection bin that shed bounced off of into swiss cheese with 4 to 5 dozen rounds in an instant. The pulverizing metal box on wheels sent bouncing off the wall and then rolling down the opposite way.

She was already halfway down the side street before the floater was able to reposition again. The hairs on the back of her neck screaming with certainty that the psycho manning the gun was already sighting in her ass only just before losing her as she took the next corner a little tighter than perhaps was safe than suddenly finding herself sliding hard into a formation of some dozen or so other racers. Her cycle being a heavier build taking out the forks of a smaller ultralight bike sending both cycle and rider spinning out of formation into the darkness of the void.

" Shit … shit … shit … " Twix screamed soundlessly into her mic as she found herself suddenly stuck in the center of a herd of inexperienced racers all of whom fixated on a mad rush for freedom. All of them moving in the same direction at high speed into what would be certain death if she did not do something fast.

As if to punctuate that point of the shit she was about to find herself in. A trio of Security Patrol cruisers suddenly appeared at the rear of the herd in formation bringing up the rear fast switching on their high beams and sirens screaming like banshees in her ears.

" One shit situation into another…" Twix noted aloud as she screamed into her helmet mic. " Diva, escape vector … now."

The cycle suddenly slowed beneath her as Diva sounded off. " Right turn, Now..." Her cycle's virtual intelligence commanded. Twix breaking and starting into a right turn just in time to avoid another Security Patrol cruiser coming down the side street running dark at high speed as it came charging headlong into the herd.

Twix didn't even bother looking back this time give that the sound of the cruiser plowing into the other cycles and riders was horrifying enough as it was. She just couldn't bring herself to look knowing the sight of it would have haunted. It was bad enough knowing that if she hadn't made that turn when she did that the pig-fucker behind the wheel of the cruiser would have taken her out along with all the rest … The very thought of her own death sending uncontrollable chills down her spine.

"Left turn in ...2 ...1… now." Diva commanded."

Twix made the turn hard trusting Diva not to get her killed. Slamming the nose of her cycle through a pair of double doors and finding herself navigating down a dark and corridor in what she could only guess was one of the countless abandoned warehouse buildings.

A hundred meters on the nose of her cycle slammed through another pair of double doors and she found herself in an empty parking garage. Or rather not as empty as she had first thought when she discovered another racer pulling alongside as they ran the length of the parking structure.

She took a moment to give his ride a nod of approval. It was a mint Reaper RXX finished in a dark blue with neon blue lines sporting some pods both front and back. A lighter custom frame build than the Diva but built for speed and maneuverability.

The Racer nodding his own approval flashing her a thumbs up before cutting behind her and disappearing up the ramp that continued to the parking structures upper levels.

" Next ramp down… " Diva announced. "continue down to sublevel three and than turn left."

Twix was just short of the ramp when another Armored Floater dropped into view at the end of the parking structure its searchlights cutting scanning the darkness just as she took the ramp down.


Diva guided them out of the warzone via a forgotten access to the flood control network under the Industrial Districts that finally let out onto the canal that ran along the west barrier wall.

Bring the Diva to a stop short of the opening Twix pulled her helmet off taking off breath of relief before pulling her Ghost Link from her Jackets inside breast pocket and waiting for a connection.

" Glimmer, we were ambushed… " She groaned shaking her head. " I didn't make it to the meeting point."

" Yes you did baby girl." Came the reply a moment later as Glimmers face appeared on the display.

It only took a moment than to realize that Glimmer had known everything in advance.

" It was a set up ?" She said in a mix of shock and horror.

Glimmer gave her a proud smile. " You did good baby girl, Your first race, your first kill, they've even started calling you the Ice Princess in the editing room."

" First kill, what kill? " Twix was trying hard to wrap her head around everything being said. " Wait,What,No… the ultralight, that was an accident. I wasn't trying to take him out."

" A kills a kill baby girl." Glimmer said proudly." Now you get yourself home to bed baby girl and leave the number crunching to us."

The link was severed leaving Twix to deal with the fact that not only had she killed someone but the odds were good that she do it again soon if someone didn't try to do it to her first."


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