Birth of the Ice Princess - Part 01

Downtown, District-73
The Hon Family Compound
18-11-2299 1115L

The media channels were oddly quiet about anything in the way of real news about last evenings events but in truth that really wasn't that much of a surprise. The best anyone could hope for was the typical bureaucratic puppet spitting out some so-called editorial the unchecked youth culture and a brief acknowledgement in a spike in Security Force's arrests the evening prior.

On the Ghost Networks however the first nights Trials were a hit with the fans and highlight reels were already making a splash with the fan's were going nuts over the footage.

The appearance of The Wrath and The Blue Meanie during last night's trials as well as rumors of the pending return of Vector-1 and Widowmaker were the biggest news.

Her own brief appearance on the highlight reels was also causing some buzz and it appeared the nickname Glimmer Jones had mentioned had stuck because all the scene captures of her during the Trials were flagged under the name The Ice Princess.

Twix could not help but groan inwardly at the thought of being known as 'The Ice Princess' the rest of her Racing career, however short it might be. The sexual connotations and assorted innuendos alone were enough to make her head spin.

On the so-called 'Ice Princess' fans pages that had gone up over the last several hours her so-called fans seemed more concerned with her sexual prowess and the size of her tits rather than if she could actually ride her bike or not but then again she'd seen worse so she didn't pay it my attention there were fans after all and than there were Fans.

It was the shit other racers were posting about her that was working her nerves in the worst way … A newbie named Hunter Anaconda a self proclaimed member of Zulu Nation had promised his fans that he'd find out first hand how cold the so-called 'Ice Princess' really was. While another newbie called Wrecking Machine swore he'd rape her corpse in the middle of the highway for all to see as a gift to his fans.

There was worse things said of course from some of the more established Racers who were well versed in the art of shit talking newbies. The real hate came from the undercity racers who universally seemed to be stuck on idea that the racers from the surface were invading their turf and had no business in the races in the first place.

Twix rolled her eyes in disgust as she scanned over some of the messages that were appearing on her fansites. Not only were her so-called fans fuckin perverts but some of the other racers all came across as sadistic freaks and wannabe rapists and she hadn't even started checked out the undercity hate sites yet … and there were a hell of a lot more of those.

She disconnected from the Ghost Link finding herself alone in the Cold Room again still working out how she was gonna fix the damage done to The Diva which thankfully was cosmedic. The angled frame doing what it was designed to redirecting the energy from hard impacts and the resulting damage away from the core of the bikes frame. That all said Twix knew she was looking at several hours worth of work to clean up the mess she'd made.


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