Birth of the Ice Princess - Part 04

Downtown, District-73
The Hon Family Compound
18-11-2299 1838L

By 6pm the highlight reels had jumped from the Pirate networks and City Security was performing damage control.

" Surveillance drones … Fucking surveillance drones ... Who the fuck arms fucking surveillance drones ? " Twix sounded off laying her head on Mings lap as they sat together on the small couch in her room watching the evening news.

Ming shrugged. " OSEC does clearly… "

Twix frowned her annoyance. " It wasn't a fucking Drone that was shooting at me this morning. I'm at least certain of that ... "

Ming smirked teasing Twix's hair tugging on the gold loop on her earlobe. " Are you ? "

" Are I what ? " Twix offered Ming an upwards look.

" Are you certain it was a floater and not just a tricked out drone? Not that it really matters given both could have made you equally dead but honestly beyond the editing done by Glimmers people for the highlight reels showing an armored floater shooting at something. The question is did you actually see one shooting at you or not."

Twix frowned wanting to say something sarcastic but shut up before stupidity got the better of her and she and Ming got into a fight over it. Instead she reflected for a moment replaying the events in her head before finally sighing her defeat.

" No, I thought maybe … but all I really remember was the shit load of tracers raining down on my ass. I was moving too fast and too fucking scared to really take a real look back to see."

Ming nodded. " I won't say it wasn't a floater ... It could very well have been one but that only makes it worse because it means it was some living-breathing asshole in an Enforcers uniform that was shooting at you rather than some emotionless preprogrammed combat AI running on a curve."

Twix nodded her understanding. " The driver of that Patrol Cruiser was real enough." She grumbled.

Ming nodded. " Yes and from what my dad was saying the highlight footage alone is gonna be enough to cost some idiot his career if media attention goes sideways on this and spin doctors from legal can't fix things. That guys gonna burn…"

"At least someone is … " Twix sighed turning her attention to the news again.

" Oh, before I forget I'm doing this 'thing' next weekend." Twix said knowing that she'd need to choose her words very carefully to avoid Ming loosing her shit.

It was Ming's turn to frown. " What kinda 'thing' are we talking about ? "

Twix shrugged. " Professor Irons has a two day pass for The Garden's and is to fucking lazy to hire an escort. So he offered me the gig. "

Ming raised an eyebrow in surprise. " Professor Irons huh, I was wondering where the extra pocket money came from for last friday's fun and games."

" I was gonna tell you after classes on Friday but you were being friendly with the stalker in the patrol cruiser so it kinda slipped my mind." Twix admitted.

Ming for her part could only shrug. " Some warning is better than none I guess. So how much is he offering?"

" 4k up front and another 5k at the station before we leave on the Maglev. He wants me to wear something nice … No skin suits, no blue jeans. You know fashion so I was gonna ask if you wanted to help me pick out something? It's Monday so I don't have any classes until 5pm so we could make a day of it."

" Damn 4k upfront !" Ming sounded clearly not liking the fact the Professor Irons had messed up any plans she had been formulating for the next weekend but still impressed at the down payment. " So what 3 or 4 outfits and some frilly extra's."

Twix nodded. " That and some disposable unmentionables because I swear the prev keeps jacking my panties every chance he gets."

Ming did her best to suppress a laugh at the comment." Mondays good for me … I have a 7am class but I'll be out by 10am or so."

Twix was about to say something when her Ghost Link sounded in her back pocket.

Ming for her part not bothering to get annoyed as Twix pulled it from her pocket and scanned the message. " Well, what's the word ?"

" The scores from the first nights Trials have dropped, and the Ice Princess is officially ranking 27th on the boards."


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