School Daze - Part 02

Central University
District 10
The Grid
15-11-2298. 1140L

" Baby Girl !!! "

Twix was no sooner through the doors of Club Glimmer than the her was collected up in the embrace of the much taller Glimmer Jones. Twix's very own self proclaimed Fairy Princess Godmother from that first day nearly 4 years ago when Twix ran her first race at 14 years old riding a beast of her own creation.

A 6'2" black man with a pile of frosty white curls and a well groomed goatee dressed in a sparkling white mini dress and 5' heels packing a pair of matching pearl handled autopistols in duel shoulder holsters adorned with glowing rainbow pixie wings.

The look was both outlandish and amusingly absurd and yet somehow exactly what suited Glimmer Jones whose hallmark was just that as the undisputed drag Queen of the racing world.

" Good news baby girl." Glimmer announced lowering the much smaller girl to the floor resting in his long silver painted nails on her shoulder. Glimmer barely containing himself in how proud he was.

" Your in Baby girl ... your very own invitation to the ball."

Twix's eyes grew wide. " No shit ... no ... Holy shit I'm in ?"

Glimmer smiled nodded her head white curls bouncing with each movement. " The trials Baby Girl, the first runs this Saturday evening. You wanna celebrate the good news Baby Girl?"

Twix could only stare at Glimmer in disbelief. " I ... I can't. I'm still at school and then tonight I have to ..."

Glimmer Jones smiled sadly but nodding his approval. " Thats my girl ... Do that schoolgirl thing. You do what you gotta do Baby. We'll celebrate after you ranked for the season."


"Miss Hon?"

"Miss Hon your paper ?" The voice sounded firmly drawing her attention back to the real World.

"Professor ... Sir...." Twix said offering an upward glance.

Professor Iron's frowned shaking his head in disapproval as he handed her the paper. " I believe you know my policy regarding Linking-in during class Miss Hon?"

"I was just ... daydreaming is all." She mumbled as she faked a yawn.

"Just daydreaming hmm..." The Professor echoed. " I'm certain that your daydreams will be a fascinating topic to include in our conversation about your grades after classes today in my office."

The bell rang signaling the end of class and the start of Lunch.

" 5 o'clock Miss Rand, and don't keep me waiting." He said finally before quickly handing out the remaining papers as the students all made a dash for the doors and the freedom of the corridor beyond.


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