Not, The Coming Out Party - Part 02

Downtown, District-75
Music City Tower - The Blue Room Club
23-11-2298. 2205L

It was supposed to be a 'small' get together with a few friends for the evening. That was what Ming had said when they left her home earlier that evening but apparently the list had grown to include twenty or thirty others. Most of whom were familiar to but several others, not so much.

She was also surprising to see that several were already wearing the black and silver Ice Princess T-shirt's Ming had designed. A couple even wearing the same stylized Synth-Leather jackets with the Ice Princess splash logo across the back panel that Ming had insisted they both wear before heading out this evening as well.


Ming in customary fashion took center stage in her own bold yet graceful manner that came as naturally to her as breathing. Taking the mic in hand as the music and talking dropping to a whispr her voice suddenly filling the room.

" Hey bitches, I want you to kneel ... kneel you dawgs, The Princess, Your Princess, The Fucking Ice Princess has arrived ! "

Ming hand extending pointing a single digit out into the crowd at Twix. The spotlight following her movements as did all eyes in the room before they collective erupted into clapping and cheers.

Twix managed an off humored smile but the reality was she had an overwhelming urge to toss her cookies being as unprepared as she was to be put on the spot like that.


With introductions out of the way the party thankfully went ahead at full steam with drink and party favors of all types being offered out to wanting hands while the clubs three massive displays cycled through footage collected from the last 6 days of Trail races that had been held throughout the city both in the city proper and the undercity.

The scenes playing out across the massive screens of highlights from this and past years races as well as shots of the current favorites Vector1, The Wrath, and The Blue Meanie making the biggest showings with The Blue Meanie appearing on screen with that slut-bitch Dita Chroma hang on him like the drugged up groupie she was as he spoke to the camera

" Yeah …. Oh yeah I heard that one too… " He laughed. " Arrived at my front door if you can believe that drek. Lets just say that the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated."

The Blue Meanie pointed at the camera and smiled in that roguish fashion he was well known for. " Remember boys and girls, don't do drugs … and don't believe shit talk on the links. It'll rot your brain."

On another screen the Avenging Angels of the Underground were shown in all their glory. Widowmaker, Sudden Death, Katana, Mary Christmas, Crimson Krush, All tits and ass in armoured skin suits.

Widowmaker the current top ranking female racer to date dismounting her cycle and pushing her long Black hair out of her eyes as the camera zoomed in on her face as she spoke answering an unvoiced question.

" Your damn right I'm happy to see all the female racers turning out this year... This frakking race has been weighed down by little boys with their brains swimming in testosterone for years. Last year there was only 10 female racers on the board."

Widowmaker gave an evil smirk.

" This year we have nearly a hundred from above and below. Four of which have already scoring official kills during the Trials alone… "

The third screen cycled through this years newcomers… Hunter Anaconda, Wrecking Machine, Hammer Time, Jolly Jack and The Ice Princess.

The scene transitioning from Hunter Anaconda sitting on his bike with a big ass albino snake draped across his massive arms to Wrecking Machine licking the crotch of one of Twix's fan site photos before producing another of the racer Katana and stuffing the photo in his mouth whole."

"They're all so sweet … I can't make up my mind who I'm kill or who I'm gonna fuck first." The psycho laughing a laugh that suggest he was a little less than sane.

The image than switching to Twix … The Ice Princess sitting on the floor of the Cold Room only her lips visible in her favorite Ugly Brown sweater with tools and oily bike parts scattered around her as she talking to someone off camera.

" Its all a show really … " The Ice Princess said aloud seemingly unaware that she was being recorded while she worked. " Oh sure, you flash some tits and bounce your ass to give your fans a little thrill now and then but in the end they're really just there to see you fuck up someones shit -or- to see someone fuck up yours. Don't kid yourself the real fans are there to see blood … and if they're lucky, To see someone exit this life in a big ass way..."


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