Not, The Coming Out Party - Part 03

Downtown, District-75
Music City Tower - The Blue Room Club
23-11-2298. 2205L

The problem or perhaps the best part about taking Twix to parties was the fact that once you put enough drinks into her she was pretty fun to be around.

Looking on Ming couldn't help but laugh clapping her hands as her girl finished singing her own rendition of 'Kissing Strangers' and started in on another favorite titled 'Me! Me! Me!' With holographic dancers cycling through the dance steps in the background.

Recording the current musical rendition on her floating eye for later blackmail and teasing purposes Ming stepped back against the wall.

Ming suddenly laughing waving at Twix as she started dancing in time with the holographic backup dancers as she continued singing.

The party rooms giant displays suddenly went dark than before exploding into music and bright colors and as the race Highlights were suddenly and dramatically replaced by the smiling face of Glimmer Jones followed quickly by his back-up dancers as they moved seamlessly through routine that was like something from old world stage show.

" Racers !" Glimmer announced a sending the corners of his sparkling white cape into the air at the routines climax. That single word the all too familiar beginning his universally recognized catchphrase. " Start… your … engines.. !!!"


A banner announcing this filled the screen before the first block of 50 names carved in marble dropped onto the screen with a heavy thud. One followed by another and than another until the first 400 racers had been named and ranked. It was than that the names of the Top 100 appeared.

"Son of a bitch..." Ming cursed as the name of the Ice Princess appeared in the 98th slot on the board.

Names both familiar and unfamiliar followed Ming taking note as they appeared one by one as the list counted down.

Crimson Krush … 94th

Wrecking Machine … 91st

Hunter Anaconda … 88th

Jolly Jack … 82nd

Hammer Time … 77th

Mary Christmas … 75th

Katana … 61st

Sudden Death … 52nd

Widowmaker … 30th

The Wrath … 27th

The Blue Meanie … 23rd

Vector1 … 13th

Glimmer Jones smiling face appeared filling the screens his voice echoing through the room as he spoke.

" Damn...!!!" He screamed out of the screens. " I know what you're thinking baby… Your thinking Glimmer Jones you bitch, have you been keeping secrets. Baby you know me … You know I always save the best for last. So here they are baby boys and baby girls…. This years Top 10 !!!!"

A single steel block with the names of the Top 10 Racers crashed through the other blocks one by one until it stood alone on the trio of screens.

The Brakes … 10th

Thraxx … 9th

Poison Kiss … 8th

The Bull ...7th

The Plague ...6th

Remix… 5th

Calypso … 4th

Bad Karma … 3rd

Hanzo … 2nd

Vengeance … 1st

Footage of the Top 10 Racers skill and mastery of their machines proved both amazing and terrifying to watch at the same time..

The dark haired beauty named Bad Karma seemingly able to race on not only the track but also the walls and ceiling unhindered by the Laws of gravity.

The one named Hanzo not only able to move at blinding speed but was armed with glowing blue blade that appeared to be able to cut both Racer and his machine in half in a single fluid motion.

The last was Vengeance … The footage showing a man on a blue bike able to perform amazing feats of acrobatics. One scene showing him doing a flip over a stream of tracers being fired from the door gunner of a City Security Armored floater.

Twix who had joined Ming by the back wall nudged her playfully as she pointinRose could again only smile sadly looking on as Severos and Horo spoke.

Her faith taught her that all paths in life served a purpose and that all important meetings were planned for long before one was even born. This than was perhaps one of those meetings and her part …

As Horo spoke of how events transpired and how their meeting was more than mere chance her gaze drifted to the closed door.

" In the Tavern today … " she spoke softly more to herself than the two men focused on the pendent. " There was talk and I didn't dare to hope but maybe our encounter today in the wood. Maybe I am only the doorway to a future meeting one who can help you."

Rose suddenly felt very silly looking back at the pair whose attention was thankfully elsewhere.

No Rose was not the hero of anyone's story, not even her own.


Twix joined Ming by the back wall nudging her playfully before motioning to the screen. " That's him, That's the Racer I saw in the parking garage after I escaped the gun crazy whatever it was."

Ming could only frown nodding her head because she like everyone else in the room had only known the names of this years favorites and while she had prepared for them as best she could these New Racers she had never even heard of before and these were as of this moment the racers to beat.


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