Weekend in the Gardens - Part 02

Downtown, District-8
Station South - Main Terminal
24-11-2298. 1030L

Finding empty seats was not much of a task given that in the majority those heading out to the domes tended to go there by floater or flyer. Still some still enjoyed the nuance of travel by Maglev thus why the passenger compartment was not entirely empty.

Taking the seat facing Christopher's she rested her overnight by her feet relaxing in her seat for a moment Christopher doing the same having settled in his seat, though clearly not as relaxed as she was. His expression one typical of when he was researching a topic in class rather than simply relaxing.

"Go ahead … " she announced. " I know you want to ?"

Christopher nodded his agreement but said nothing for several moments before finally speaking his mind be it in a more diplomatic tone." Thats was a surprising amount of Cyberware for a young lady. In point of fact, I recall Enforcers packing less metal under their skin than you."

Twix nodded. " I just started a little earlier than most is all."

" I see … " He stated plainly but clearly he did not given the expression he still wore. " That still doesn't answer the question however. May I ask some questions if only for my own peace of mind."

Twix shrugged. " If it makes you feel better."

" It would… " He offered plainly. " Let's start with big ticket items … Titanium bone lacing, Wired Reflexes, Balance Augmentation, and Enhanced Musculature ? "

" There was… " Twix frowned rethinking her approach. " Ever wondered why I'm the shortest student in your class ?

Christopher gave a sly smile. " Honestly, I never thought about it. I always figured it was genetics."

" A very non offensive way of saying that you figured that because I'm of dominantly Asian stock that me being short would be an expected result."

Christopher nodded. " Your words not mine."

" My words." Twix agreed. " The reality is that I had an accident when I was younger that required my parents to make a choice between me spend the rest of my life a burden on my family or my Parents selecting my career path ahead of anyone else. Following my mother into the medical fields was unlikely, I'm sure my scores can attest medicine is not a career path I'd likely do very well in. My Father being more practical selected the Security Fields and given his outstanding service record in the Company he was allowed to have me put back together using a Cyberware profile customized to his specifications. One obvious problem is that Bone Lacing … "

" ...Arrests bone growth, so you were stuck at the height you were at the time of the accident. " Christopher finished for her.

Twix nodded. " The rest is just extras that were considered ideal for my future career. It's just easier to get all the wares done at once rather than having to perform the work piecemeal. And given that the cost of surgery was covered by the Bone Lacing procedure itself the rest came fairly cheap as far as Cyberware goes."

" What about the Drive Wire and Rigger Jack ? " Christopher inquiried.

Twix shrugged. " My Dad's job is as a Driver and Personal Security to some high ranking Corporate types. He doesn't half-ass anything. He picked out the hardware I'd need to do the same job he does. There were some extras added on later of course… Your standard class 2 Corps Link, Personnel GPS, Low Light Vision mods, and some cosmetic work to remove unsightly scars and whatnot."

" Sounds like it was costly … " Christopher noted.

" It wasn't free. " Twix couldn't help but laugh. " Costly is what my University attendance fees are gonna cost me when I have to start paying them back. The cost of all the hardware plus the surgery and recovery time is more than I'll be able to pay off in a lifetime unless I somehow find myself engaged to one of the heirs of Titantech or I suddenly develop a talent for acting and become an overnight media sensation."

" Both highly unlikely…" Christopher agreed.

Twix leaned forward looking him right in the eye. " Have you ever seriously wondered why a girl like me would even entertain the idea of sleeping with a guy nearly 3 times my own age when there are dozens of other guys in University who are not only wealthier but are closer to my own age who would be more than willing to pay for the privilege of having me play Juliet to their Romeo."

" Truthful, I had always assumed it was my charming personality and a desire to pass my class with high marks." Christopher acknowledged. " … And the money."

Twix smirked. " You can be charming when you want to be and as for the money it's nice to have a few extra credits to spend on myself but in the end, I don't just need a passing grade for you class and I sure as shit don't want the Gold star. What I need your personal recommendation on my permanent record."

Christopher nodded his understanding as he offered an amused smile. " That is a lot to ask for."

Twix rolled her eyes. " Please, you could write Miss Rand gives the most amazing blow jobs I've ever had in class. So long as your signature is on my permanent record that's all I need."

He did his best to maintain a serious expression but broke into an amused laugh shaking his head. " No your right, the signature is all you really need."


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