Weekend in the Gardens - Part 03

The Domes
LIG Holdings Terminal
24-11-2298. 1105L

If Paradise City was the New Las Vegas of Luna than LIG Holdings was its Hollywood. A cluster of six massive Environmental Domes with surrounded by another 4 or 5 dozen smaller domes all designed to emulate unique earthlike eco-systems. Some said to preserve and perhaps reseed life one day upon that dead world that had once been the cradle of civilization. Other viewing the domes as something more of a Corporate Elites Vanity project. Whatever purpose they ultimately served the domes allowed for people to dream of a world long past when there was something beyond the walls of the city.

LIG Holdings as it happened was not so far removed from Paradise City but the terminal where the Maglev dropped off passengers before heading west to the Automated Factories further south was located on Holdings south-Western corner and took at least an hour for them to reach.

Thankfully security had already profiled the passengers before they'd arrived and directed guests down a separate corridors from employees. The voice of the Virtual Hostess already greeting them as arrived walked the short distance to the monorail platform.

" Welcome Guests, The Living Image Group would like to extend a warm welcome to you our guests. Guests bound for the New Athens arboretum please proceed to waiting area 1. Guests bound for New Honolulu please proceed to waiting area 2. Guests bound for the Twilight Gardens proceed to … "

" Christopher, where are we going to be staying ? " Twix thought to inquire turning her attentionsvto her companion.

" The Grand Alexandria Guest Resort located next to Dome 4. " Christopher answered motioning to the signs that marked the different waiting areas ahead. " I've been told it's very nice. Themed after ancient Egypt with all manner of ruins and statuary to explore and with replicant actors and actresses body modded and dressed in period attire to add some extra color to the experience."

She recalled something about Egypt from the Art History classes she'd taken with Ming but found that the Greco-Roman period was more to her taste.

She had been about to ask another question when the Virtual Hostess announced that the monorail would be departing shortly and that all guests should board via their designated destinations.


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