Weekend in the Gardens - Part 04

The Domes - Dome 4
LIG Holdings -The Grand Alexandria Resort
24-11-2298. 1210L

The Grand Alexandra was built in a smaller dome connected to the Massive #4 Dome on its northern face the name however not just a description but a reality because it was in every way imaginable 'Grand'.

Twix had seen arcologies in the The Sprawls of Paradise City not just smaller in size but also a lot less stunning affairs than the Grand Alexandra was.

Right off the monorail in fact she had been nearly overwhelmed by the grandeur of the place. More lavish than anywhere she could ever recall having been with walls painted deep crimson and adorned in gold leaf depictions of the ancient Egyptians and pictographs that Christopher informed her were called hieroglyphics.

" Its amazing… " She said aloud as her gaze drifted from wonder to wonder. " Ming would love it here."

Christopher smiled nodding his agreement but for the most part seemed unmoved by the wonders around them as he motioned to a porter dressed in what she could only assume was native attire waiting to collect their bags.

" It is very impressive. " Christopher agreed handing his and her bags to the porter who placed them neatly on the autocart before bowing politely motioning them to follow.

The porter guided them through the vast maze of corridors that made up the Grand Alexandra talking at length about the many features and services the Grand Alexandra offered its guests. For her part however, it proved impossible to pay more than a passing attention to what Porter said. The seemingly endless list of Resort Services and the countless artistic wonders on display in hallways and corridors.

They had only just boarded the lift when they were joined on the next level by three young men in dark suits sporting LIG corporate logos.

The trio talking and laughing like schoolboys after a good bit of humor had been exchanged. It was as thier conversation continued that Twix's attention was suddenly drawn into their conversation when one of the three said something entirely unexpected.

" So, James are you watching the races in your suite tonight or are you gonna come down to the Pharaoh Room with us to watch them live on the holographics ?"

The one she assumed was named James shrugged. " I can't see why not I have a standing bet on Widowmaker for 3 kills per race this year. Who else is racing tonight ?"

The third pulled a Ghost Link and scrolled through the assorted clutter on the device before speaking. " Hmmmm …. Looks like we have a few challenger races tonight and the main events are going live at 10 & 11pm tonight. Race one is featuring Widowmaker. Race two is featuring Katana and The Reaper."

James laughed again. " I love watching the Widowmaker on the track. Too bad this is her last season."

The other two nodded in agreement.

" I heard she officially got married to that Lawyer Xi Sai Pang." The one holding the Link noted aloud before glancing in Twix's direction unexpectedly offering her an odd expression before looking away again.

The taller of the three nodded. " That is one Lucky son of … " He stopped short realising that they were not alone in the lift bowing politely to Irons and herself. " My apologies..."

Christopher nodded his understanding as the porter motioned to the opening doors. " 50th floor, this way please. "

The doors had not even closed behind them when she caught the one with the mobile Ghost Link spoke in an excited voice to the others. " Holy Shit, do you know who that was ?"

Twix couldn't help feel that warm happy feeling inside as she kept pace with Christopher and the Porter as they moved down the corridor. Twix suddenly thinking to ask. " What's the Pharaoh Room again ?"

As it happened Christopher had the whole trip planned out starting with a tour of the Hanging Gardens in the afternoon and dinner at the Desert Oasis followed by dancing and a floor show afterwards, and while he had not planned on visiting the Pharaoh Room he promised that they could squeeze it in just before the start of the evening's main event if she was that big a fan of the race's.

Twix promised she was without a doubt.


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