Weekend in the Gardens - Part 05

The Domes - Dome 4
LIG Holdings -The Grand Alexandria Resort
24-11-2298. 1210L

Their tour of the Hanging Gardens turned out to be much more impressive than Twix had originally thought they'd be.

The massive cathedral like greenhouses extending outward from Grand Alexandria a fair distance containing flowering plants and blossoms of almost every color and description. Their tour guide named Jeannette able to address each bloom and blossom by name as well as provide other tidbits of knowledge or trivia on a whim.

Christopher seemed to enjoy the tour listened to the guide at length while holding Twix's hand in an oddly possessive manner almost the entire time.

The tour itself lasted almost three hours before concluding leaving them time to enjoy a brief stop at one of the many galleries before making their way to the Desert Oasis for dinner.

The Desert Oasis as it turned out did not fail to entertain as well. Christopher making a big show of selecting each of the dishes for them in turn while she looked on in wonder honestly clueless regarding half of the choices he selected and ultimately what was finally put on the plate before her though all were enjoyable without exception.

The evening's entertainment was another highlight consisted of entertainers dressed in period costumes playing an odd assortment of instruments … drums, strings, and flutes while veiled dancers dressed in transparent colored silks weaved back and forth among the tables.

Thankfully the only Dancing Twix was required to perform was the slow kind divided between 4 or 5 songs before Christopher decided it was time to leave.


The sound of game machines and loud music could be heard long before they had reached the entrance to The Pharaoh Room and once through the doors It was clear from Christopher's expression that he had regretted bring her the moment they stood on the balcony overlooking the main room.

" Maybe this wasn't such a good idea… "

Twix rolled her eyes and took hold of his hands and dragging him after her as she started down the stairs.

The room was your traditional drinks and entertainment venue with pool tables, card tables, and slot machines set up around the outer ring of the room while at center a lighted dance floor surrounded by tables and chairs on three sides and a large well stocked bar taking up the fourth.

The Pharaoh Room was clearly a more adult themed setting with the waitresses in stylized theme dress but going about topless while flesh and virtual exotic dancers occupying raised platforms that occupied the four corners of the room. Meanwhile over head six massive holographic displays three on each wall showing sporting events from across the city on live feeds.

" Choice ... " Twix said as she took in the scene. The Pharaoh Room might not have been as big as some of the Clubs in Downtown but it more than made up for size in style and class.

Not overly crowded Twix found them seats in a choice spot pushing Christopher into a seat before squeezing in beside him as her gaze drifted over the crowd. " This is the Glow …"

"It's nice enough I guess … " Christopher gave a nod of agreement but the look of concern had not left his expression as his gaze drifted from screen to screen.Thankfully he at least seemed more relaxed with her seated next to him holding his hand.

She had been about to say more when the Phantom Networks logo appeared on the screen and the voice of Glimmer Jones filled the air, his face appearing a moment later floating in the air above.

" Good evening racer fans and welcome to the first official race of the 2298 season. We now take you live to tonight's first event at The Pipeline… "

The scene changed to a shot of a dozen machine's and their Riders lining up on the track. A listing the events Racers filling the screen with Widowmaker's name in the top spot while while the other names proved to be nothing more than cherry newbie's that were unknown to her and thus easy to ignore.

Cheers from the bar drew Twix's attentions however briefly to the crowd that had gathered there. The trio from earlier in the day clearly visable now joined by a dozen or so others staring up at the displays while drinks were served and laughter exchanged.

" Racers at the ready … " Glimmers voice sounded.

" 3!… 2!… 1!… " The small crowd gathered at the bar yelled back at the display as they counted down with the announcer. " Go !!!! "


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