The Weekends Over - Part 02

The Domes - Dome 4
LIG Holdings -The Grand Alexandria Resort
25-11-2298. 0200L

When it came to sex youth and energy won out over age and experience almost everytime and it didn't matter how many doses you got or what upgrades you were packing. Thus by nearly 2am poor Christopher was done and out cold on the bed with a lingering smile on his face.

Twix wasn't like professionally good in bed or anything but in her admittedly limited experience she'd never had any complaints about her performance in bed.

That said it was 2am and she found herself seated on the edge of the bed staring at the clock on the bedside table worried about the chance encounter in the Pharaoh Room. It was obvious to her the more she thought about it that she had perhaps seen something she wasn't supposed to have and that someone was going to want to talk to her about it. The question she was asking herself over and over being would it be a civil exchange or was someone going to try and strong arm her.

Sighing she glanced at Christopher lying asleep in bed worried that whatever happened would fuck-up what she had going with the Professor for the weekend.

It was then she recalled that she'd switched off her Ghost Link and stuffed it in her overnight to be ignored for the weekend unless something big happened in which case Ming would just link with her directly.

Digging through her bag Twix recovered the Link and switched it on. The device doing a quick update cycle before loading all the messages she had been ignoring for the last 24 hours or so. An ass load of Fan mail and a few 1v1 challenges but there at the top was a priority message marked Racer 2 Racer from Wrecking Machine. The message reading simply … Midnight Cafe, 3am.

" Services, Record message please." She announce grabbing her dress off the back of the chair and starting to get dressed.

" Services ready… " The rooms system responded.

" Hey Chris, really really hungry … I saw a Cafe when we were on our way to the Oasis for dinner last night. I'm going to see what they have in the way of midnight snacks … I'll bring you back something if anything's good."

Dressed she did a quick fix of her hair and a light touch up on the make-up before finally heading out the door.


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