The Weekends Over - Part 03

The Domes - Dome 4
LIG Holdings -The Grand Alexandria Resort
25-11-2298. 0300L

The cafe's waitress had not even placed the desert dish and fruit juice on the table in front of her when a male voice announced himself before he seated himself across from her.
" The Ice Princess herself. "

Wrecking Machine was smiling at her in a surprisingly friendly fashion as he collected the menu from the placement opposite hers and performing a quick scan of the Cafe's offerings. " And if you don't mind me saying so. Much much better looking in person the photos and highlight reels don't do you justice."

" I do believe that is the nicest thing you've said about me all week." She noted before taking a bite of her Coffee cake. " I fact I believe your last statement regarding my person consisted of you running my over my tight little loli ass and than skull fucking me as you watched the light drain from my eyes… or something like that."

Machine gave an embarrassed look nodded his agreement. " Something like that."

" It was very romantic by the way … " She offered motioning with her fork. " Honestly, I nearly swooned … You just have this way with words that nearly overpowers all sense of self preservation in a girl."

He paused than uncertain for a moment as to how to respond until it dawned on him that she was messing with him. " Oh, That was a good one."

Twix offered a mock smile.

" So, do you have a name ?" He thought to ask.

" Do you ?" She inquired.

" Princess it is … " He agreed realizing that she wasn't inclined to provide more than she wanted him to know. " So, imagine the chances of us meeting here of all places to just run into a body. I can honestly say that I would not have seen that happening in like a million years." He admitted wistfully.

" Life has a way of fucking us all over." Twix agreed. " Honestly, I'm just surprised you guys didn't show up pounding on the door to my suite after me and my companion had left the Pharaoh Room."

" Dita wanted too, but we didn't know your room number so... " He shrug as the waitress arrived with the dish and beverage he'd selected on the menu placeing them before him and than disappearing again.

"Dita huh, not that suprising really … " Twix noted aloud staring down at her dish. " I'll bet good money that she also came up with the idea killing me and dumping the body as well."

Machine almost choked on his food at the comment.

" It figures." Twix shrugged finishing off her dessert. " Okay Machine, Let's be honest with one another shall we. I won't insult your intelligence with some bullshit line and say I'm clueless about who you and your friends are because lets face it Dita is almost a household name and you and your boyfriend are LIG suits from higher up the food chain than your typical office jockey."

Machine seemed about to deny what she said was true until she motioned to his watch." Thats a Sendai Flex Smart watch on your wrist and your wearing a pair of Dragoon armored cycle boots which in case you didn't know are both obscenely fucking expensive."

" Very … " Machine agreed.

She paused thoughtfully. " Look, I was raised Corps so I get it. You three have a plan to take the Underground Racing scene by storm with some bold and very likely overly complicated plan."

Machine nodded. " Sounds about right

" Let me blunt, I don't know and I don't care about whatever little stage drama you three are cooking up." She stated plainly. " I don't want in and lets leave it at that."

Machine frowned. " And what if she doesn't feel like taking no for an answer ?"

Twice smiled coldly leaning forward. " Then she'll need to send a body packing more hardware than both you and your friend because I've seen enough to know that neither of you can match me 1 on 1. "

The waitress appeared again suddenly placing a box of choice items preselected to go.

" Would it be wrong of me to want to see if thats true Princess ? " Machine smiled rising to his feet.

" Nothing wrong with that at all. " She smiled collecting the box from the waitress. " You can link me an Official challenge anytime you want. I'll meet you whenever and wherever you want."

Machine nodded. " I might just take you up on that."


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