Contest of Wills - Part 01

Downtown, District-8
Station South - Main Terminal
27-11-2298. 1005L

The rest of the weekend proved surprisingly uneventful and consisted of her playing arm candy for Irons while at the same waiting for shot to hit the fan.

Sure Wrecking Machine seemed to be a reasonable enough a guy in person which was itself suprising enough given the psycho freak that he'd played for the cameras up til now but Dita's was another matter entirely given her career was built upon a total lack of real talent and extreme over-the-top public displays.

A subtle and calculated response was simply enough not what one expected from a woman best known for taking a baseball bat to her own personal assistant over a scheduling mishap.


They parted ways at the station. Irons in a fairly pleasant mood and thankfully unaware thanking her for a enjoyable time and suggesting they should attempt to do something like this again in future.

Twix agreed though suggesting they try one of the Domes with beaches and sand the next time.

It was once she was on the floater home that she dug her Ghost Link from her overnight bag and scanned the updates.

The first official week one schedule had her listed her for Friday night at 10pm at an as yet undisclosed location. Which in Racer Speak simply meant that both the course and racers for this week's races were all to be selected randomly.

Later on the selections would become less random as Racers where knocked out of the running or dropped out at which point your fan favorites would start to draw the majority of viewership and specific matched contests would start to appear but for now it would all remained random for the most part.

The problem Twix had to deal with was that the contest wasn't just about the weekly scheduled events but was also challenge races from rival racers.

Sure you could just ignore the challenge races but that could greatly impact your ranking later on and ultimately cost you an invite to the big payout races. In the end the contest wasn't a popularity contest it was about making money and taking out rival racers one way or another.

Scanning the Ghost Link it was clear she wasn't lacking for would be rivals. The weekend she'd spent away at the Garden's she'd missed some 58 challenges from lower ranking racers most of whom were just nobodies trying to make a name for themselves by taking out the Ice Princess.

The price of having a name in the Contest was that it made you a target and everyone who knew it was likely gunning for you.

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