Contest of Wills - Part 02

Downtown, District-73
The Hon Family Compound
27-11-2298. 1345L

The trio of floating anti-grav speakers floated back and forth filling the Cold Room with music from her Favorite's playlist Angels Dreaming just finishing their cover of the Old Earth classic 'Sweet Emotion' before the first cords of Giants 'Rocket' sounded.

Twix was seated on the unfinished frame of the Diva-2 fitting the wire control rig into place before she started sorting out the wiring her gaze drifting upwards briefly now and again looking at the four Dragoon Armored Skin suits she had hanging on hooks mounted on the far wall and the collection of customized Hard Armor and weaponized components she'd fabricated over the last year trying to sort out in her head what combination she'd be using for her first official race in the next three days.

She'd settle for the moment at least on a gauntlet and arm guard set housing hidden retractable spikes as well as mixed set on the opposite arm of a gauntlet housing a retractable blade as well as a collapsible shield fitted guard.

She was thinking of going simply with the reinforced body armour fitted with a heavier spine guard than came with it out of the box and leg sets that also housed retractable spikes as well.

There would also be a set of combat knives and a short bladed katana in addition as well as some nasty little extra's just in case.

If fact the only thing Twix would be carrying that was sort of against the rules was an Aries S-5e holdout pistol that Ming had purchased for her and insisted she carry regardless. Her reasons making sense enough given what had happened to Jenny Jet the season before.

A promising racer from last season, Jenny Jet had tried to challenge Katana for the lead during last seasons finals and lost getting thrown from her ride when it took the wall at over 200 kph.

Her body wasn't found until 2 weeks after not even a hundred meters from where the remains of her bike was found. The racer Raped and murdered on the spot by Lurkers that lived on or near the course as far as anyone could guess her remains then apparently cannibalized by Scavengers.

The realization for all being that it was just as dangerous off the courses as it was on them sometimes.

After that almost every racer in the Contest male or female started packing a gun. Even her hero Widowmaker started packing a Ultrapower that her husband had purchased sighting that if the day ever came that she needed it she'd rather have it than not.

Twix frowned to herself collecting the status display panel from the box and unwrapping it before sliding it into place over the wire control rig her thoughts already moving to the steps to properly install the Machines Virtual Intelligence terminal and than the assembly diagnostic module and how all of that needed to wired to the cycles power plant.

The Cold Room than filled with the first cords of a song called 'Battlecry' by the band known as Eat the World. Twix starting to sing along quietly as she worked.


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